Las Taperas – Pueblo Edén

Sierra - Maldonado
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    Las Taperas – Pueblo Eden

    Looking for a land with development potential, we find 186 hectares located just 2 km from Route 12 and 37 km from Punta de Este Airport. This field has a varied topography. It is a rural subdivision, with 35 farms of 5 hectares each, 5 km of ballast roads, electricity, water, a guest house, barbecue, access to the stream, horse pens will be built.

    XGROUP together with LAND LATIN AMERICA thought for Las Taperas, a closed neighborhood format with 5-hectare fractions, where the water channels, the native flora and the native forest will be respected and the architecture of all the constructions will be taken care of so that this do not impact the landscape. In this way, the 35 owners of the Las Taperas plots will have the privilege of being part of an open concept venture where the houses due to the topography of the place will generally be hidden from each other.