1700 Has sobre Rio Negro – Durazno

Lagoons - Rocha
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    Campo “La Bendición” – Durazno, Rio Negro

    The field has 1614 has, with an effective grazing area of ​​1370 has, 70 ha of pine forest, 130 has of natural forest and the rest are made up: the Polo field, house, park, sleeves, sheds, and houses of personal.

    The field has been exploited by the firm for 9 years, having found an abandoned field that had to be put in order, both at the level of pastures and fences and sleeves. The necessary investments were made to leave the field in a position to produce, purchase cattle, field cleaning, implantation of green vegetables. The breed is Angus Colorado and black, it has been inseminating for 7 years with New Zealand and Argentine bulls, looking for a great calving ease and rapid growth, the production of males grows and reaches 390 kgs. To be sold for the 481 quota, the highest quality meat quota worldwide, which enters the European market with 0 tariff level, in which Uruguay is one of the 5 participants.

    Today 800 cows and heifers are raised and the objective is to reach 1,000 cows in a incomplete cycle scheme. meadows and fences.